Multifunctional Health and Leisure Center


Tuesday from 18.15 to 19.15 & 19.15 to 20.15 and Thursday from 18h15 to 19h15 & 19h15 to 20h15

The Viniyoga comes from Yoga-Sutra and means: evolution in stages, adjustment of the practice to abilities and needs of the individual.

"The spirit is Vinigoya is starting from where we are"

The practice combines breathing, postural, mental work, during which our witness consciousness rediscovers its place and allows us to seek and maintain a balance non-dual between ease and firmness, between non- lust and effort. This deep knowledge brings relaxation and improved physical and emotional health.

The purpose of this discipline does not end here and allows everyone to draw the strength and joy required to undertake the way of its realization.

The Vinigoya Federation was created by TDK DESIKACHAR (Mandiram of Madras) to broadcast a personalized education that is rooted in the Indian tradition of the text of the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali and which reflects the priorities of each person and the Western lifestyle.

"To be human is to have the privilege of being consciously in quest" Monk Zielinski.