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The gentle, measured, precise manipulation uses the vertebra in question to inform its peripheral elements in order to optimize the local mechanics, and thus the neurological and vascular command.


The correction made
will immediately improve local mechanical qualities, restoring the micro-slides and rotations specific to each joint. Restoration of function suppress inflammation and pain and prevent the relapse or an adaptation by the body, source of future problems.


Lack of joint mobility reduces the realization of sports movements and their repetitions. By promoting local elasticity, it promotes the tissue/blood exchanges and elimination of waste, avoiding muscle and tendon injuries.


Osteopaths, correcting osteopathic dysfunctions at the level in which the sensitive sensors sit, will give the postural system all its possibilities for adaptation. If this is not enough, he will direct his patient to a specialized assessment in posturology, a chiropodist, a dentist, an orthoptist ... within a multidisciplinary approach.


By improving visceral motility and blood flow, and by balancing inputs from the autonomic nervous system, the osteopath helps regulate the digestive function. This treatment may be associated with nutritional balances "on the plate" and possibly micronutritional advice.


Correction will ensure the restoration of mobility in both the uterine muscle and the ligaments. By improving blood circulation, we optimize the function.


Appropriate manipulation allows the pelvis to maximize its elasticity potential. During the passage, the baby's skull gently molds without forcing on the bony and ligamentous framework. Osteopathic monitoring will prevent lower back pain, sciatica, gastroesophageal reflux and fatigue in late pregnancy, and by restoring its balance and its dynamics in the pelvic area, will help solve the problems of post-partum (urinary losses, painful intercourse).


From a very early age, the child exhibits symptoms that we sometimes tend to overlook: regurgitation, difficulty sucking, sleep problems (confusion day / night, nightmares), skin problems, recurrent bronchitis, crying ... The musculoskeletal tension that supports the newborn during delivery can cause problems during its lifetime. To recognize and treat these dysfunctions in the period following birth, is one of the most important phases of preventive medicine in the practice of osteopathy.


Osteopathic manipulation of the skull can restore the proper functioning of the bones from one over the others, the free passage of fluids and nerve impulses, and help resolve the problems mentioned above. The osteopath works on the ENT sphere, verifies the proper drainage of the nasal cavities, the good permeability of the Eustachian tube and stimulates the immune system. The osteopath can soften orthodontic treatment and improve the symmetry of the result to avoid interfere with deglutition, breathing and major functional balances.