Multifunctional Health and Leisure Center


The team of kinesitherapists welcomes you Monday through Saturday by appointment on the phone 0559859226.

We practice:

- Pre and post surgical, post trauma, neurological and rheumatologic
functional reeducation

- Therapeutic massage

- Manual lymphatic drainage

- Respiratory physiotherapy

- Reeducation by iontophoresis for hyperhidrosis (underarm, hands, feet ....)

- Microkinesitherapy

- Urogynecologic and anal reeducation by Gasquet method

- Hypopressive abdominodiaphragmatic gym

- The Niromathe method

- The Sohier method

- Reeducation of deglutition and tongue positioning

- Postural reeducation (magnotherapy)

- Massage of the scar tissue